Capturing the moments

Did you every sit and look at a photo and say to yourself…”This would be a great photo if [insert issue here]”? You know those pictures that would just be perfect if you would have thought to take a few extra moments and get a second shot…

Well, with the introduction of digital photography, taking more than one shot should become common practice. This is the purpose of this post, to point out the obvious when it comes to capturing moments of your life.

There are many ways to do this, but the best practice is to just take as many pictures that you can and weed out the bad ones later, also, you never know when a bad picture can become a great asset to another project.

Suggestion 1: Take 2-3 pictures of the same shot

As you can see by this example below, these pictures were taken within seconds of each other. In the first example, his eyes were close. The second shot is the keeper. With a digital camera, just snap the second shot when taking pictures of people. What do you have to lose by doing it nothing, but not doing it; this photo could have been lost.

Shot 1 – his eyes are closed

Shot 2 – Perfect


Suggestion 2: Layout the shot, then take different angles and zoom levels.

The examples below would be great photos for scrapbooking. Using photo 1 and 4 together to layout the page showing the couple up close and the location as to where they were standing would be a great example of capturing their moment and the memory of that day.

Shot 1: Great close up shot Shot 2: Shows the location a little

Shot 3: Wider Shot Shot 4: Whole location, but people are too far away.


In Conclusion:

Don’t be afraid to waste film with a digital camera, there isn’t any file to waste. You can always delete bad photos, but can never go back and retake a bad photo.

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