Customizing your big day, but not breaking your budget.

Your wedding day is a moment in time that will linger in your memory for all your remaining years. This should be a day that you can look back at fondly as a time where you were celebrating with your family and friends a milestone and a new chapter of your life. One thing that is sometimes overlooked in planning your wedding is a way to make the day more personable and unique. For very small piece of your budget, and with just a little more effort, you can customize your wedding so that others will remember your day as a time that is special, unique, and different from the rest.

For decades couples have had their names and wedding date on napkins, matchbooks, and maybe even guest favors for their wedding receptions. Why? This is done to place a touch of personalization to an otherwise formal standard affair, and to bring uniqueness to the event.

Today there are a variety of ways to further customize your day by using unique creative ways to incorporate your personality into the event.

Some modern ways to customize your wedding are to use; your monogram, your faces, wedding theme, or even your wedding date to create a logo for your big day. It may sound extreme to create a logo for your wedding; however, what better way to portray your uniqueness on your personalized items. This logo can then be used on programs, invitations, thank you cards, save the dates, bridal party gifts, parent/grandparent gifts, favors, centerpieces, live roses, etc. You can even create special surprises like restroom décor and label lotions etc. with your logo. There are no rules that say you cannot adopt a time honored tradition from advertising and create a logo that represents your event. When people see a brand logo, they immediately know/remember the product. If you create a logo, what product will your guests remember when they see your logo again (maybe on next year’s holiday card, a return address label, or a birth announcement)—you and your spectacular event!

When you think about the different things you will have at your event, consider the possibility of customizing the item to give it that unique touch. A good example of this is your guest book. Sometimes a couple might create their own guest book with a different picture of the couple on each page that their guests can sign, but also look through at the event. Some couples choose even more unique and useful “guest books” like a photograph matted or a plate/vase for guests to sign instead of a traditional guestbook so their wedding memories can be displayed on a mantel or in a curio cabinet rather than just tucked away only to be seen on a silver or golden anniversary.

Personalization does not have to stop at physical items. Remember this is your day. Are you going to write your own vows? What will your wedding party (and guests) throwing when you leave the church? Will you have special photos taken of you and your wedding party? What music will they be playing when you arrive at the reception? Will you have special dances during the reception?

The sky is the limit, and when you start planning your “big day”, always think about how you can make it unique and show your personality. No matter what you decide to do, personalizing your big day will make it more special to you and memorable to your family and your wedding guests.

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