Shipping Changes and Charges For 2009

We tried some new things this past holiday season that did not seem to work out. Our goal was to have a standard flat rate shipping charge per order of $4.25. This did not work out since we were not able to get tracking information on all of the packages this year, and some really needed to be tracked. The lowest shipping rate that we can get, with tacking information is $4.80 for orders under 13 oz. We are not able to get tracking information on First Class orders; therefore, we are switching to Priority Class mailing.

In order to gain tracking information, we increased the flat rate shipping and handling charge to $5.00 per order (as of January 2, 2009). This is to cover shipping costs, packaging, and handling of the products to be shipped. With the increase in the shipping charge we now receive USPS tracking information on the packages that are shipped.

When an order is shipped, you will now receive an e-mail message with the USPS tracking number so that you can monitor the delivery of your packages on-line as well. Starting January 10, 2009, the tracking number will also be placed in your Order Status tab on and linked to USPS.

We feel that the increase of $.75 per order to have the tracking information is beneficial to your our valued customer as well as to ensuring that customer satisfaction is delivered with all of the care that we put into each customized order.

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