Wedding Scratch-Off Tickets

Looking for a clever and unique game for a wedding shower which you can be used to give away prizes to your attendees? Take a look at our Wedding Scratch-Off tickets.

With these tickets, you can customize the winning tickets with up to 10 different phrases such as; her birthday, his birthday, wedding date, engagement date, last name, first names together, where they met, where they got engaged, where was the first date, when was the first date, or whatever you wish to use.

The loosing tickets will have clip-art symbols related to weddings such as; wedding rings, two hearts, bride and groom, wedding cake, bride and groom within a heart.

Each symbol or phrase is covered with a heart shaped scratch-off area covering the information below it.

You pass out all of the winning and losing tickets together and have everyone scratch-off there tickets. Whoever reveals the correct information wins the prize.

Each ticket is about the size of a business card. You can choose from one of our pre-mad layouts or upload an image of your own for the background of the tickets. You can also supply the couple’s name and wedding date which will be printed on each card.

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